They advertised that you could get comped View page Vegas hotel rooms just by playing this game. I literally thought there was no way this could be true, especially on a free app. In the end, I was intrigued enough to give it a shot and to my surprise, it really does work! Not only are there free hotel rooms on the myVEGAS app, but there are a bunch of other rewards that you can cash in on like spa discounts and free food.

I must warn you that this is not something that will be fast and easy, but if you are patient enough, you can end up saving a lot of money on your next Las Vegas trip. It is comprised of different types of mobile and Facebook games that primarily involve some sort of gambling like slot machines or blackjack.

These games are completely FREE and do not require you to spend any money. You can also connect all the games under one account so all your points end up in one place. I am by no means an expert in this game, but hopefully, I can help get you started. Please note that this is not your typical online gambling game where you would gamble real money.

Instead, there are two types of currency that you should keep in mind: chips and loyalty points. Chips are what you play with and loyalty points are what you earn and spend to get rewards. Every time you gamble with your chips, you earn a certain amount of loyalty points. You can collect free myVEGAS chips by the methods listed later on below or by paying money upfront for them. You just leave the game on and best vegas rewards program reddit it roll.

I usually set everything to the minimum bet amount so I can roll as long as possible without running out of chips. This is definitely the slow method. If you want to earn loyalty points faster, you will have to bet higher which means you will most likely have to buy chips if you run out.

It can vary depending on what game you play but can cap off as low as 2, loyalty points per day. I am not one to ever spend money on best vegas rewards program reddit types of games. Now, I can definitely see why people might spend money on best vegas rewards program reddit game though.

Sometimes you have to check on it because you have to collect bonuses you earn, but for the most part, I just leave it on all day and all night.

If I want to earn loyalty points faster, then I will play the Facebook version best vegas rewards program reddit the desktop. The Facebook desktop version gives you loyalty points much faster than the mobile app but it is harder to get free chips on there. I also run this game on a different browser on my computer while I do my work. So, during the day, I could be running both mobile and Facebook apps passively at once.

There are multiple ways you can get free MyVegas chips. Below are the ways I get free MyVegas chips. There are rewards like free food, discounts on shows, cruises, and FreePlay which is money you can use to play at real casinos. I should click to see more mention that the free rooms almost always are on Sunday-Thursday only. During COVID, they opened up the whole calendar including weekends which was a fantastic deal if you could get one, but best vegas rewards program reddit is now long gone.

A brilliant 20bet brasil phrase thing to note is that the rewards do replenish every day. Also, the rewards have expanded to include other hotels like the Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza. Overall, the reward selection is pretty diverse and you can definitely save money by using them. The thing with myVEGAS premium rewards is that you are only allowed to use three rewards within a day period.

A good thing about myVEGAS is that if you redeem your loyalty points for rewards and end up not needing them, you can always return them and get your loyalty points back. The requirement is that it has to be within 90 days of when you purchased it or before the expiration date, whichever comes first.

Otherwise, as long as it just sits in your wallet on the app, you have the option of using it any time before the expiration date. Please be aware though if you are buying your rewards off the mobile app, there is a limit of 5 awards that you can return in a 30 day period. If you are buying awards just to check out dates, I recommend best vegas rewards program reddit buying them off the Facebook app best vegas rewards program reddit returning them back there.

If you are looking to unlock 2-night hotel comps, best vegas rewards program reddit will have to spend some money. With that being said, I have seen 2-night best vegas rewards program reddit comps before, but those are usually during Christmas time or times when Vegas is at its slowest.

I noticed that the game released their new calendars for June-September around the first week of May. My friend recently asked me how long does it take me to get enough loyalty points to earn a free best vegas rewards program reddit. The time can vary greatly depending best vegas rewards program reddit which hotel you are looking to stay at.

As you can see from the below, one night at the Excalibur would only cost you 12, loyalty points whereas one night at the Aria will cost youloyalty points. So, it can take you a couple of weeks to get a free consider, what is playtech casino apologise at the Excalibur or roughly three months for the Aria.

Both parties need to be there at the time of check-in though. Ahhhhhh yes, those pesky resort fees. Unfortunately, this is how the app gets you.

Best vegas rewards program reddit for the great info on this page! I am brand new to this concept of playing the apps to get rewards; we are going to Vegas in September reschedule cancelled anniversary trip from last year.

I have taken your advice and have the apps running on a couple of old phones I had laying around the house — one for me and one for hubby — great idea!! I have two questions — 1. You referred to regular vs. Do you know what time of day the rewards are restocked? It seems the 2 for 1 buffets are always sold out.

Please see the answers to your question below. In my experience, I have not experienced any set limit on regular rewards. Be careful though if you buy too many, it looks like the game at least the mobile version is limiting how many you can return.

Hey Luxury Lowdown. Ive been playing MyVegas games for about 2 years now. I am curious though, what is the best way to see the most updated free night schedule. Thanks in advance! Redeem your Loyalty Points for whatever hotel you are looking at.

You will be sent an email with your Rewards Redemption Code. This part is a little finicky because sometimes it gives you an error. You might have to sign in to your Mlife account before you click the link. Once you sign in, your reward should already be loaded into your Mlife account and you should be able to see your dates! Do NOT redeem your reward unless you are sure though.

Once you redeem, you cannot get your Loyalty Points back. If you do not see your dates available, all you have to do is go back to the app and cancel your reward and the points should be refunded back to your account. Keep in mind you can best vegas rewards program reddit cancel five rewards within 30 days.

Las Vegas. DealsHotels. How To Play I am by no means an expert in this game, but hopefully, I can help get you started. Log on every day best vegas rewards program reddit collect the daily bonus on both the mobile and the Facebook app Collect the hourly bonus on the mobile app Watch ads on either the mobile app or Facebook app Check your email for free MyVegas chip links. I see an best vegas rewards program reddit come through maybe every couple of days for both the mobile and Facebook app.

The emails tend to be more best vegas rewards program reddit for the mobile apps though. I usually get at least a couple of million just from that alone. The thing that has saved me the most from running out of chips on the Facebook App is joining different MyVegas Facebook groups. On the Facebook App, you can collect coins on MyStrip. What About the Resort Fees? Like this: Like Loading Luxury Lowdown. May 27, Tonie Hernandez.

Hope this helps! Vegas Fan. Great post! Extremely helpful, thank you. Love your photos as well. Awesome and thank you so much! Excellent question! To see the most updated calendar, you will have to… 1. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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